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All Trees Tell a Story

All Trees Tell a Story Trees are important to the character, history, culture, and biodiversity of our neighbourhoods. Some trees (like the Wolseley Elm and the Riverbend Crabapple trees) have played a significant role in bringing people together and shaping the identity of a neighbourhood. Some trees are recognizable community landmarks, like the Point Douglas Cottonwood, and others are truly unique and inspire curiosity and awe, like the McBeth Cottonwood. And all trees have the remarkable ability to store decades (and even centuries!) of climate change records within their growth ring patterns, teaching us about our ever-changing environment. Many trees are older than the houses built around them, and some have survived over a hundred years of environmental change and development. Trees Winnipeg wants to recognise the exceptional trees in our communities, and to preserve those trees and their stories for generations to come.

How we’re preserving Manitoba’s tree stories

These stories are captured for the world to see on the Manitoba Tree Register Some trees are exceptionally important to Manitoba’s heritage, and may receive special Heritage Tree recognition under the Manitoba Heritage Tree Program.

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