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Helpful Tips

Creating an Account
The first step requires each submitter to create a free account. Fill in the required fields and submit the application. You will be sent a message when your account has been enabled. Log on to your account. Search the tree register to check if your tree is currently listed. If not, you can go to Add a New Tree and complete the record from your field sheet.

Entering a New Tree
Log in to your account. Click Submit a Tree to the Tree Register. Enter the tree history/notable information and any other notes and then click Next. The default is set to ‘Single Trees’. If you wish to enter a group or grove of trees then select ‘Group of Trees’ in the ‘Tree Type’ drop-down menu.

Tree Name
Select the genus and species from the drop-down list if you know it. If you can’t find the correct name from the drop-down list, please enter the genus and species in the notes field. If you are unsure about the species name, just enter the “Common Name” in the appropriate box.

Metric or Imperial?
When entering data into the other fields, you can switch between metric and imperial units by clicking on the ft or m buttons at the very bottom right of the web page.

Other Fields
Complete the other required fields and as many of the other fields as possible. Note that some fields (i.e. Champion Tree Score, Protection Status, and Heritage Score) are not currently being used in Manitoba, so you can leave those blank.

Location, Latitude and Longitude
Enter the latitude and longitude, address, and any other location details and click on the “Place Pin on Map” button to enable the Google mapping service. Note that in our region, a minus (-) sign is always in front of the longitude value (i.e. -97.189922). Remember to include the minus sign when you enter the longitude, or your tree might be plotted in Asia! You can use the zoom tools on the map above and adjust the marker by clicking on the marker and dragging it to the tree’s exact location. Your latitude and longitude will be updated automatically.

Double-Check! Please review all your data before you Add the Record. Once entered, you will not be able to edit your changes. Please remember that tree records with missing information might take a bit longer for our staff to approve and post online – it takes time for our volunteers to go check it!

Adding Photos
After you have entered your tree, you will be given instructions on how to download images to this tree file. Please make sure you edit your photos before you download them (crop, rotate, balance brightness, etc.). The tree register will only accept .jpeg files and those with a file size under 10Mb.

I just entered my tree – where is it?
All new trees submitted to the tree register are hidden from public view until they have been verified by the administrator.

If you wish to view trees you have just submitted to the tree register you can see them all on Your Account. If you would like to send further information regarding any tree you have submitted, you can do this on the information submission form at the top of each tree file.

Remember to check back often to see when your tree is officially posted!


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